Five Income Streams

  1. MoneyTime Mega Raffle - A daily raffle that can reach a top prize of $200,000 each day for MULTIPLE people!
  2. Power Growth Share (PGS) - Each purchase of an “Accelerated Rewards Pack” of $20 or higher allocates 80% of its cost towards our managed trading account from which you receive ongoing profit share.
  3. MoneyTime Infinity Plan - An extremely unique coded bonus plan that took 20 years to design. It pays out on unlimited width and depth, yet maintains to be a single-level affiliate program, rather than an MLM scheme.
  4. Sharing Incentive - Receive instant pay from ARP purchases made by your direct referrals.
  5. Rank Matching Bonus - Receive up to 100% match on your referrals' proceeds from all four of the income streams above!
  6. ...PLUS additional leader bonuses!

Accelerated Rewards Packs (ARP)

ARP5 $5 50 1 Raffle Ticket $0.50
PLUS Potential $0.50 Match**
ARP20 $20 200 $16 PGS Allocation
PLUS Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Course
PLUS Potential $2 Match**
ARP100* $100 1000 $80 PGS Allocation
PLUS Entrepreneurship Course
PLUS Potential $10 Match**
ARP300* $300 3000 $240 PGS Allocation
PLUS Leadership Course
PLUS Potential $30 Match**
ARP500* $500 5000 $400 PGS Allocation
PLUS Wealth Creation Course
PLUS Potential $50 Match**
* Also includes the courses from the smaller packs
** Based on rank

Matching Rewards

Rank Qualifications


You have 1 to 4 personally enrolled members who are either Premium or active in The Infinity Plan


You have 5 to 9 personally enrolled members who are either Premium or active in The Infinity Plan


You have 10+ personally enrolled members who are either Premium or active in The Infinity Plan

MoneyTime Infinity Plan

Monumatic Building Machine

This Changes Everything!

The MonuMatic System, is the heart of the “MoneyTime Infinity Plan” and is going to make all of the difference in moving you forward, towards fulfilling your financial goals.

Designed to work with very large groups of people, the MonuMatic System is the epitome of what a real true Sharing Economy is all about and will help millions of people all around he world. In the truest sense of a Sharing Economy, as others are helped, everyone is helped because we are all connected. Large groups such as churches, colleges, universities, and various organizations will be able to use the MonuMatic System as a way to help their members earn extra money. Many large organizations will use the MonuMatic System as a way to raise significant funds for their entity, on a continuous basis.

The MonuMatic System also works much like a cooperative to help each other succeed. This will allow anyone who wants to build an online business the means to get started with ease.

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